Leibniz Research Alliance on biodiversity

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Research topics

The LVB pools the expertise and resources of its 20 member institutions and develops solutions for the conservation and sustainable use of biodiversity through interdisciplinary research. We provide policymakers and society with scientific knowledge to contribute to the implementation of the various conventions on biodiversity and strengthen awareness of the value of biodiversity. 

Main research areas:

(1) Research for National Biodiversity Strategy: What is the status of biodiversity in Germany and how can we protect it?

  • Impact of agricultural and forest management practices on ecological communities in Germany
  • Overcoming obstacles to the implementation of the NBS in urban ecosystems

(2) Global forest & biodiversity loss:
How does the progressive destruction of natural forests affect biodiversity in high-priority conservation areas and which anthropogenic factors are responsible for this development?

(3) Biodiversity prediction:
How will biodiversity adapt to global change and what risks and opportunities are associated with this process?

(4) Biodiversity & bioeconomy:
What solutions does nature provide for the sustainable and climate-friendly use of resources?