Leibniz Research Alliance on biodiversity


Research infrastructures that are conducive to the exploration of the diversity of life

Research infrastructures constitute essential prerequisites for the study of biological diversity and its compartments. In addition to smaller devices and tools, this includes, in particular, field research stations, experimental testing facilities in the field and in laboratories, research platforms, research vessels, (semi)autonomous recording and monitoring systems, biological collections, and information and communications technology structures.

The Leibniz Institutes of the LVB operate a variety of the aforementioned research infrastructures and are making them increasingly accessible to both partners within the alliance partners and external partners. The activities of the Institutes are often integrated into large-scale research projects as well as national and international (especially European) networks.

On the pages that follow, individual research infrastructures will be introduced, which assist with the detection and analysis of biological diversity as well as observation and monitoring in the spatio-temporal context.