Leibniz Research Alliance on biodiversity


Objectives & tasks

1. Establishment of a network, pooling of expertise

The aim of the initial networking phase was to create a common platform for the partners within the alliance to pool expertise and resources and to expand the external network with regard to the biodiversity research being undertaken within the Leibniz Association. Since then, the ongoing activities and projects of member institutions have been introduced to interdisciplinary discussion processes and common spheres of activity have been identified.

2. Formation of research groups and joint projects
(strategic development)

The primary goal at the moment is the strategic development of the LVB, focusing on the implementation of innovative, interdisciplinary joint research projects. Issues of particular social relevance are addressed at national and international levels with the participation of our member institutions and external partners.

3. Knowledge transfer, dialog with policymakers and society, raising awareness

The results of the joint research projects are intended to be used for the provision of evidence-based policy advice and are prepared for the general public. Dialog between the field of science, political decision processes, and civil society is to be encouraged through the use of various formats (e.g., consulting and other services, dialog with citizens). The appreciation and acceptance of responsibility for biodiversity in society is also to be strengthened, in particular by supporting citizen science initiatives, which involve citizens in the process of gaining scientific knowledge.